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Anonymous asked:
what are studying in school? i feel like you are an english major and so am i and i have to write my thesis this year and i am really scared :(

hello, i actually graduated last year but yes i studied english. don’t be scared! i stressed about my thesis pretty much all year but in the end i really enjoyed doing it. just make sure you are writing about something you are genuinely interested in and it will be SO much easier and more enjoyable. i did mine on ummm the politics of reimagined female eroticism in carolee schneemann’s films/performance art.

also my thesis advisor was a mega babe and i wanted to kiss him on the mouth and i still think about his skinny ties and our mutual love for frank o’hara


I said, welcome to my life
You know some people like history
Or want to make history
But I am history
If you would have fucked me
I would have been OK being Plath
But instead I’m Sexton
If somebody asks me what I like
It’s not food or sex
It’s looking at things and being in love

-dorothea lasky


Is it Frida yet?
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~   Roberta _______, lines quoted from unidentified poem by Peter Everwine, “Remembering Roberta,” Green River Review (vol. 42, no. 1-2, 2005)


St. Vincent 

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